Tiana Farmer

English, Social Studies and History Instructor

Ms. Farmer has been teaching for the last six years and received her bachelor’s at Georgia Gwinnet College. She has traveled to many countries around the world and had the chance to serve in the Peace Corps, where she was stationed in the Island State of Yap, Micronesia on an outer island known as Falalop, Ulithi. While there, she taught English, various other subjects, wrote grants, organized school clubs and established community projects. This opportunity made Ms. Farmer the first graduate of her alma mater to serve in the Peace Corps.

Ms. Farmer has most recently been part of the faculty teaching in the middle years program at Atlanta Montessori International School at Cliff Valley. She is now transferring her services to The Endeavor School. When not at school, Ms. Farmer enjoys singing and playing guitar as well as reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her dog. She takes pleasure in discussing and dissecting topics of history, culture, religion, philosophy, as well as many other subjects and she hopes to bring and share all of her experiences to The Endeavor School.