Rachelle Jean

Teacher, Language Arts & Social Studies

Rachelle Jean teaches Language Arts and Social Studies at The Endeavor School – Miami.

Born in the Bahamas, Ms. Jean moved to Miami, Florida as an infant. In high school, she volunteered at a synagogue where her AP US History teacher’s children attended, and it is there where she established her love for kids and discovered her passion for teaching. After graduating high school, Ms. Jean pursued a double major in Biology and Environmental Science from Florida International University while simultaneously teaching.

Ms. Jean is fond of the tropical climate and enjoys the year-round summer weather. It allows her to spend time outdoors, exploring the beautiful city of Miami. She also enjoys upholstering thrift and used furniture; any and everything that allows her to use a drill is fair game.

Rachelle Jean

"I have taught students from Pre-K to 8th grade. I teach Language Arts and Social Studies this year and it is by far one of my best teaching years."

- Rachelle Jean