Mission Statements

Our Mission

The Endeavor School is committed to helping children become strong thinkers, problem-solvers, collaborators, readers, writers and citizens who add value to the world. Our program is inspired by a belief that giving children a strong educational foundation provides them with the tools they need to grow up healthy, happy and empowered.


Character First

We view children as whole citizens who have the potential to be influential leaders. Through character enhancement and leadership development, students are encouraged to seek out knowledge and practices that enables them to add value to their community and environment. Doing so empowers young people with the knowledge that they have the ability to shape their future and make a positive impact in the world.

Learn by Doing

We utilize practices that encourage deep understanding through project-based learning and authentic work to prepare for today’s challenges and opportunities. Rather than teaching to test, we help students develop critical thinking skills to reason for themselves, enable them to form collaborative partnerships with peers and experts and solve problems by drawing on multiple disciplines.

Guided Autonomy

With the support of our educators, students have the autonomy to explore their interests and have the freedom to select projects that matter to them and how they wish to impact their community.

Through self-directed learning, students experience ownership of their education through a variety of indoor and outdoor projects across key content areas. With the support of our experienced educators, students are encouraged to ask questions and follow lines of inquiry so that they understand the process while deepening their knowledge of the subject matter.

Untethered Minds

Mastery is within every child's reach and mistakes are a part of every learning journey. When children understand that the learning process requires trial and error, they gain a better understanding of the material and learning in general.

We focus on projects with accessible entry points that identify a question or problem. These projects encourage students to find creative solutions through multiple methods of approach. By practicing this method, and continually seeking new approaches, students consistently increase their skills, knowledge and mental flexibility.

Focused Wellness

We give our students a rounded education that promotes physical and mental wellbeing, as well as social and emotional intelligence. From physical exercise, outdoor learning and organic meal plans to activities designed to foster social skills and mindfulness, we help children develop crucial skills that enhance their sense of self and community.

Mission and Principles