High School

Available at the Dunwoody Campus. 

Our small class sizes, innovative curriculum and focus on preparing students for the future provide the foundation for our high school program.

We enhance the core curriculum students are required to learn with project-based activities that give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in researching and collaboration. We also implement mindfulness exercises each day for students to learn how to improve one's overall well-being and learn how to handle stress and anxiety. We prepare students for the university level and beyond on multiple levels.

Our expert educators guide students so that they become independent learners with a community-oriented outlook so they can become effective leaders and thinkers who know how to make a positive impact in the world. We do this by giving students the type of structure that allows for exploration and innovation. When students have the opportunity to interact with their education, they discover new interests and develop the mental agility to quickly learn how to develop new skills and talents.

At The Endeavor School, our students get the opportunity to enjoy a rigorous education that is exciting and rewarding. Our students learn a great deal – but more importantly, they become powerful thinkers who seek out challenges.