Children are insatiably curious and we encourage them to explore their interests through a variety of enrichment classes. Our enrichment program is designed to give children opportunities to discover new ideas and explore their talents.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

In our technology-focused world, understanding STEAM is imperative. At The Endeavor School, we embrace the sciences and show students the wonders they can uncover. From learning the inner workings of rockets for understanding engineering principles, to learning coding languages, to developing web apps, students gain a firm grasp of the technologies around them while enhancing their creative and problem-solving skills.


We set aside a portion of each day to practice mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness encourages children to take the time to listen, breathe, accept the world around them and calm their mind to deal with the stress and anxiety that are a natural part of growing up. Mindfulness can also be a beneficial educational tool, as it helps children train their minds to focus and concentrate on new ideas and concepts to gain a thorough understanding.


Gardening combines a range of academic subjects for children to explore in a fun, interactive manner while enjoying the outdoors. Through gardening, children learn about plant biology and applied mathematics. In addition, several studies have shown they also reap a wide range of other benefits including building self-confidence, physical exercise and even a desire to eat a healthier diet.


Spanish is the fourth-most spoken language around the world and an extremely important language for business and education. In our Spanish classes, we utilize proven techniques to help children build grammar and vocabulary skills to become fluent speakers.

Music and Art

We believe a child's education is not complete without music and art training. Children gain personal development and appreciation for aesthetics, but they also benefit in numerous other ways, as well. Studying music and art can boost creativity, improve memory, sharpen critical thinking skills and build social skills and confidence.

Physical Education

Physical and cognitive strength is connected and it is in childhood that the essential habits of lifelong physical wellness begin. As such, physical exercise is an important part of our enrichment program. Children enjoy team sports and outdoor free time to improve physical development, and we implement active learning throughout the day.

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