Our curriculum has a three-part foundation that incorporates the Core Knowledge program, the art of problem-solving and active learning.

Core Knowledge

Our curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge program, an effective and comprehensive foundation that gives a practical answer to the question, “What do our children need to know?” Through engaging materials and activities, students build and deepen their knowledge in language arts, history, geography, math, science and the fine arts.

Students may differ in degree of mastery and mobility and may require focused help, but the cumulative quality of the Core Knowledge greatly increases the likelihood that children will emerge well prepared with a shared body of important knowledge and skills.

Art of Problem Solving

The ability to think creatively and critically is vital in today's world, and we help children develop these critical abilities through a deep exploration of mathematics and innovative exercises that enhance problem-solving skills.

We also encourage our students to test their abilities through activities such as MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competitions, which will help gain acceptance into top universities.

Active Learning

Education should be a dialogue, in which students are active participants. That's why we implement activities that encourage feedback and collaboration. Through group projects and interactive activities, active learning is a vital and effective way to gain a thorough understanding of the material, while also building social and organizational skills.